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Dakota Jenkins

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I am a graphic and industrial designer, 2D Animator & Motion Graphic designer and painter, living between Iran and Spain and working worldwide. After studying Industrial Design at the Art University of Tehran, I began to work for different companies worldwide and founded my own Bag Brand (Shinn Design). I am an experienced 2D Animator & Motion Graphic Designer and have worked for a large number of companies in Iran, Spain and the United States. Besides holding painting exhibitions in Madrid and Tehran, I have participated in several painting, design and photography contests since 2005 and have earned different awards in the United States, Poland and China, among other countries.


  • Winner of the Biennial Toy Festival (Idea Bazaar) of Kanoon Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Iran (2017)
  • Awarded Finalist of Art University’s Product Packaging Competition for designing creative packaging for kid’s color pencils, Iran (2014)
  • Honorary diploma of 15th Kanagawa Children’s Biennial Of Painting Exhibition, Japan (2008)
  • Certificate of participation in the second Beirut International Biennial for Children’s Painting (2007)
  • Awarded Finalist of the International Child Art Foundation, Third Arts Olympiad, United States (2007)
  • Honorary diploma of the 4th International Art Competition For Kids And Teens, Iran (2007)
  • Winner of the Week Art competition, Iran (2005)